Cannot Boot Windows Installation Media

Hello Garuda Linux Forums,

Recently I accidentally corrupted my Windows install. For some reason, the Windows Installer Media would not boot and would be stuck in a black screen with a terminal cursor blinking in the top left. I have wiped my main and Windows partition, but now I can’t reinstall Windows since the bootable media won’t boot.

I currently have access to a Garuda Linux USB drive, but how would I fix this issue?

Additionally, how would I remove GRUB and use the Windows boot manager, or install Windows with this issue?

This is an urgent issue, I can’t install Windows which I need to use certain applications to finish a project.


To clarify, I don’t have a Windows installation and I don’t have a Garuda Linux installation as I wiped those two partitions. The tutorials online tell me to boot into a Windows CD and use the Command Prompt to restore the Master Boot Record, but I can’t boot into a Windows CD because it’s stuck on a black screen. I would like to fix this issue so I can boot into my Windows installation media USB and reinstall Windows.

Your Linux install isn't stop you from booting Windows boot media. If it isn't working, you either have bad media or you need to take a look in your BIOS.

Have you tried manually selecting the boot media at boot via your BIOS?


Greetings Sir,

I believe your boot order is messed up.

I have personally been across this black screen with a cursor on the top left two or three times while jumping between different OS.

You need to access the BIOS (using a hotkey. Something like: F12. It is usually mentioned as the PC starts up).
And ensure that your USB / CD is the first one in the order.

It is. I have selected it through F12, and it still shows up.

Yes, that didn’t help. I can ensure that the installation media is fine because I’ve installed multiple Windows installation media ISOs onto my USB drive with my Linux Live USB and the issue persists.

Okay, this going to sound a bit weird but, may work.

Do you have anything else attached to the USB port? Like, USB mouse or keyboard? If yes then, remove and proceed.

(I shall explain why the following works later)

I can definitely try this, but I am not sure it will work. I have a keyboard, mouse, microphone, and another external drive attached.
Can you explain why it could work?
And also, on second thought, should the installation media drive be formatted to FAT32? I know this is required on an UEFI install, but I’m not sure about traditional legacy installs.

Are you sure that Linux Live supports Windows ISOs? Windows ISO's require special handing to install onto media. They aren't bootable otherwise.


I don't exactly have an explanation but, can say that it worked for me.

Now, to be perfectly clear, I am not sure whether my observation was actually relevant to the problem or not.

(I did leave it as a question in the Telegram Chat. I am attaching it here.)

To test this out @spxctreofficial Can you try using a USB with OS other than windows?

If it works and the bootable media is detected (with the other OS), it may be possible what dalto is stating is correct.

No, I just downloaded the Windows ISO through a Garuda Linux USB stick, then flashed the contents onto the USB drive.

That usually did the trick for me, but then again would the difference of NTFS vs FAT32 be an issue for this installation media USB?

Yes, booting into Garuda Linux on my other USB stick works perfectly fine. This seems to be an issue strictly with the Windows installation media.

I didn’t properly handle GRUB when removing the Garuda Linux partition however, so it put me in GRUB Rescue for a bit. Some tutorial told me to use Lilo to update and fix MBR on my main partition, but that only seemed to remove GRUB, not fix the issue of not being able to boot into an installation media of Windows.

May I please know the steps followed by you to create a bootable usb for Windows (I haven't really played around with windows that much).

Also, just for my sake, can you try another OS in THIS USB STICK? Like, try creating a Manjaro Bootable Media in the same usb stick as Windows (ofcourse, after getting rid of Windows)

You can't do that with a Windows ISO. A Windows ISO doesn't contain the elements which make it bootable. You need to use software specifically designed to flash Windows ISOs

Ahh, I see. Like a Media Creation tool, right?


I will attempt it, and then report my results.

Installing a Garuda Linux installation media using THIS USB drive works. It seems to be strictly with Windows ISOs.

Currently attempting a reflash with Rufus.

Rufus will work, yes

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Attempting it now. I will report my results in a reply within a couple of minutes.