Cannot boot after changing PC

My Garuda KDE Installation won't boot when plugged into my new Computer. They are both Intel CPUs with Nvidia GPUs.
When I plug in the drive into the new compute and then try to boot from it, it returns me to the bios without any output whatsoever.
When I plug the drive back into the old computer everything works again.

I have full disk encryption set up. So my setup is:

  • Partition for /boot/efi
  • luks Partition with BTRFS with several subvolumes
  • luks swap Partition
    The expected behavior is for GRUB to ask for the encryption password and then to show the grub menu from which the system should boot into Garuda.

First i thought it may have something to do with secure boot but I have that turned off.
Then I tried chrooting into the system with a live CD on the new computer and executing update-grub. But that didn't help either.

I would be thankful for any Tips or Help what I could try to get the installation to work on my PC.

Maybe it is possible for you to post garuda-inxi from live-ISO and old PC?

Did you search about in forum and web?


Can I Move My Hard Drive to a New Computer and Have Windows Work? - YouTube


We've had that topic in here before. Search. :mag:


The EFI boot variables are stored in NVRAM, which is a chip on your motherboard (not on your disk you are moving over). You will have to create new EFI boot variables for a new motherboard.

An easy way to do this is to chroot, reinstall Grub, then update the Grub configuration file.