Can you add PACSEEK into Setup Assistant?

Hello Garuda forum, my simple request is to add PACSEEK into Setup Assistant - Software Center.
Pacseek is a great TUI to find and install packages, far better than others with GUI.
Only downside is that to install AUR packages it us YAY and Garuda don't use it (I don't know what AUR Helper Garuda use but is not YAY) but is easy ti intall YAY so ... why not give user (expecially newbie) this choice ? Newbie as me tend to install a GUI program as Pamac that is a terrible choice prone to issue.

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I approve.

Note that pacseek can be configured (Ctrl+S) to run any command, both for the AUR and upgrades.
I use paru, and garuda-update for the upgrades, even though I never run it from there.

Install command:   paru -S
Upgrade command:   garuda-update --skip-mirrorlist --aur
Uninstall command: paru -Rs
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thank I knows that setting into pacseek that by default use YAY and can be changed, but since I don't know what kind of AUR Helper is used by default in Garuda pacman (if garuda use any helper for aur,) I install YAY via pacman and yes pacseek is a great application perfectly integrate with Konsole and with no issue installing app or aur packages.

Not sure either but the garuda-update tries paru first and then yay if not found.

Who knows it installs it,
who does not know it does not install it from the setup wizard :wink:

With Garuda Linux i3wm it is also already preinstalled. :slight_smile:


If you type yay in terminal, it uses paru magically :wink:

# fish.config
[ ! -x /usr/bin/yay ] && [ -x /usr/bin/paru ] && alias yay='paru'

@psi-jack wants to make use of pacseek in the GNOME edition too from what I understood :eyes:

Yeah, honestly go for it, submit a pull request here and it'll be part of the next package rebuild: usr/lib/setup-assistant · master · Garuda Linux / Applications / Garuda Setup Assistant · GitLab


You are too cool. :smiley: