Can we install Garuda Linux in USB as a Portal disk

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I would like to know Garuda Linux can be installed on to USB drive as a Portable dick. then when I go somewhere else I can plug into a PC and then work. Not install to the PC.

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Yes, search in forum/whoogle.

Just ask NSA, and

The working speed is very poor so it is not worth the effort (update of 800 MiB probably takes forever), you have the same effect with the live ISO.
Try Ventoy, there you can boot the ISO and also save your personal data.



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I don't think that it is possible, because

  1. You won't be able to install Garuda Linux in persistent usb
  2. Many times, you will find out that using one disk doesn't work on other computers, because MHWD script installs drivers only for your pc. It is meant to optimize system and increase performance.

Why don't you just keep live medium. I agree that you can't save changes to it, but it is the best you can do if you want plug and play


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