Can there be low battery alert or notification?

I have been using Garuda Linux from past few days and it gave me better experience than any other OS. But I faced many problems. One of them was my battery used to go directly to 0% and checking battery level every time is not possible. So before computer takes any action of sleep or shut down, there should be notification for it.

I think there are mini-apps for dock/desktop in KDE
in i3wm you can use i3status.
You can use conky too.
But I have no Laptop * so search the web for your Garuda DE and find out :slight_smile:

* Joke

(Garuda's donation fund does not allow for that)


All desktop environments (GNOME, KDE, MATE, Xfce, ...) come with a battery level monitor/notification, e.g.


So, which DE are you using?


I think I get what your problem is, Garuda doesn't come with notification sounds by default (the least the dr460nized version), just download the oxygen-sounds package from the AUR and you're good to go, there will be an alert sound when battery level gets too low.


Thank You for this.

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