Can not disable wallpaper day/night change on cinnamon

I have the latest Garuda Cinnamon with a fresh full install and I can not disable red shift on the Adwaita default theme wallpaper, all the windows display as normal just not the wallpaper. I have not been able to find any setting for it in the Cinnamon settings.

With Red shift enabled everything is tinted as it should but I have Red shift disabled and set to 6500k for day/night. With any other image this does not happen only with the Adwaita wallpaper.

This is day:

This is night:

It should be solved by removing redshift

sudo pacman -R redshift

This is nothing to do with Redshift.

Instead, there are certain wallpapers/desktop backgrounds that have a day/night timed change. Pick a different wallpaper and you won't see this happening, as you have already found yourself:


Oh, I just forgot that :sweat_smile: