Can I use GNOME along side with kde-dragonised version?

So I'm using the garuda dragonised vertion based on kde ,and i want to try the GNOME vertion without any seperate installation ,can i do it ,i am a newbie so I don't know about than ,help :slight_smile:

Hi there, welcome!
It is not suggested and not supported, but it seems someone did it.

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But the same user...


Technically, yes.

Then you definitely shouldn't. Unless you are comfortable with troubleshooting, package management and DE configuration. Installing a second DE or switching DEs, especially if you want the Garuda experience, is not a "just works" operation. It is a do the install and then work through the resultant issues type operation.

I am fairly certain that it would be considered "unsupported" by the team. You are better off re-installing.