Can I somehow tell my CPU to slow down at lower temps? If not, i think a program to govern that would be great

Im using a gaming-oriented Laptop with a pretty beefy ryzen 5 5600u and a gtx1650Ti, my problem, i run HoTT, like bigtime. When playing Valheim for example im getting around 80-85 Degrees, kinda high but the spikes of sometimes upto 97 make me kinda anxious. When doing Stresstests im close to a constant around 90-93 degs. Which also...kinda makes me anxious. Windows starts dropping freqencies pretty fast and tries to stagnate at about 75-80 degs under full load, which i think is great, just longevity wise. Id like that to happen in Garuda too, can anyone give me some tips and forwards to achieving this? I know for intel cpus i could use intel undervolt....buttt ye im team red atm.

Any help appreciated. Thanks :)))

There's this -

Document and test each change individually so you can easily roll them back.

In the App menu > Settings, there are fan settings and core control settings, again document and test.

Others here may have better ideas, so don't rush.


This topic has a lot of suggestions and discussion regarding laptops and garuda. Laptop Freezing but not indefinitely - #21 by perewa


you can try pstate-frequency to limit it up, numbers are in %.

[[email protected] ~]# pstate-frequency -S -n 80 -m 80
pstate-frequency version 3.11.0
    pstate::CPU_DRIVER   -> intel_pstate
    pstate::CPU_GOVERNOR -> performance
    pstate::TURBO        -> 0 [ON]
    pstate::CPU_MIN      -> 79% [3792000KHz]
    pstate::CPU_MAX      -> 80% [3840000KHz]
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