Can I Install Garuda on Apple Silicon?


I want to buy a maxed out (top-end) developer laptop and I'm considering my options. I think Apple silicon has higher quality than Intel, but only if you can run Linux on it. I heard that it has been historically difficult to install Linux on Apple silicon, but I'm wondering if there's away to still get it done with Garuda, after overcoming whatever obstacles there may be? I need to know this because this will determine whether I choose Apple silicon or Intel silicon for my new laptop.

I would say no since Garuda is only compiled for amd64/x86_64. You'll have to use Asahi Linux.


Not yet. Currently, only Asahi Linux runs on Apple silicon. But, there is work being done on Asahi Linux for its kernel to be upstreamed to the linux kernel. So presumably, all linux distros with arm64 support will eventually be able to run on Apple Silicon. I don't think Garuda has an arm64 version, so Garuda won't be one of them.


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