Can i install garuda gnome in old garuda linux

hey , i am using Garuda KDE Dr460nized, i am having some problem with it . I want to install Garuda Linux GNOME , can i install it

If your question is:

  1. "Can I install Garuda gnome off the ISO overwriting my existing install and all data?", the answer is "Yes".
  2. "Can I install gnome into my existing Garuda install?", the answer is "Technically, yes"

That being said, in relation to #2, you probably shouldn't unless you are comfortable with troubleshooting, package management and DE configuration. Installing a second DE or switching DEs, especially if you want the Garuda experience, is not a "just works" operation. It is a do the install and then work through the resultant issues type operation.

I am fairly certain that it would be considered "unsupported" by the team. You are better off re-installing.

Lastly, switching DEs to deal with "problems", often doesn't solve them. When possible, you are usually better off trying to solve the problems with your current DE. Otherwise, you end up continually bouncing from one to another only to realize that you have problems with all of them and end up wasting time.

In my opinion, you should only switch DEs because you prefer one DE over another.


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