Can I add dragonaize kde to the Gnome installation

This is just a simple question and the title says it all. I installed gnome to my #Lenovo #thinkpad #CarbonX1. I went to the #FAQ to find out if there was another similar question like that but did not find any. A quick search online did not yield any results. I did not find any packages to install them. obviously I'd not like to install a brand new installation. Any help will be appreciated.


A few good reasons why you shouldn't are summarized here, but I remember other similar questions...


Yes, you can, just apply the dragonized configs.

Then re-install because basically you are sticking chocolate vinegar into the peanut butter.

If you like dragonized but prefer GNOME/GTK applications, then install them in that order. And GTK applications are much easier to theme in KDE, than KDE apps in GNOME.


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