Can Garuda Screen Mirroring on Sony TV?

Can Garuda KDE dr460 nized Screen Mirroring on Sony TV?

(this is a deliberately short answer, not having a minimum of other information, however generally it is possible, but for these things you just have to try; we can't have a configuration for every single combination of Hw and Sw that exists :wink:)


see this messages

FAILED Failed to start wait for network to be configured

Faild Faild to start Samba NMB Deamon

In what context are you seeing these messages?

Are you in the installer, or have you finished installation already?

These messages appear when I connect the TV to Garuda

I didn't install any program, I just connected Garuda to TV

These messages appear at the top left of the screen when I connect the TV

Let's begin from the beginning.
Please provide your garuda-inxi, as per topic template.
Clarify also how these messages appear (they look like dmesg / journal / or anyway terminal messages, which normally are linked to other aspects, other services) and provide relevant precise output.
For example, the Samba nmb.service is used when you want to setup file sharing in a LAN through SMB. If this is not the case, the service could be disabled.


For "FAILED Failed to start wait for network to be configured" it could be a matter of disabling systemd-networkd-wait-online.service.
Anyway, again, nothing video/monitor-related in my opinion.


On second thought, I guess the errors appear at the terminal if you start the machine with the TV connected.
In that case you can ignore those errors at the moment, they're just services you don't use and the last lines you see before the system crashes.
The freezing I imagine is due to the TV being connected and providing "wrong" data.
Try connecting it after booting. It definitely won't be recognized, but you could start troubleshooting with xrandr. Check out this Arch wiki article, especially chapters 2, 4.2, 4.3.
Also search the internet a bit, you might find something useful. For example, the first hit of a search goes in the same direction. But I just took it as an example, look harder.


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