Can a company use garuda commercially

Can a company use garuda commercially or they have to pay royalty like windows

Garuda is open source software and is free. No license should be required to use it.

As long as they don't expect special treatment, warranty or guarantees of any kind from the Team, they are free to use the OS as any other person would be.


Garuda Linux is licensed under GPL V3. So, read


Why pay a company money for something that is available to everyone for free? :slight_smile:

But the use of my Garuda logos and icons are excluded in my opinion. :smiley:


Non technical users don't know about any other operating system other than windows or maybe mac
They use what they get in their laptop

Who sells hardware with Garuda Linux preinstalled?
Does he promote his hardware with Garuda Linux?

I was just thinking, if any company use garuda will they have to pay royalty

Only for my "artwork" everything else is open source :smiley:


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