Calender events

Hello Garuda Community
I Have a question that how do I set up events in the calendar?
I have seen events like new moon and holidays but what if I want to add an event how do i do that?

you see, if you would have read the template that is automatically put into every new post here, you would have seen that It wants you to provide your garuda-inxi. This helps, in the way that we know what DE you are using. We can't guess that.

Most DEs have their own calendar implementation.


Btw, from personnel experience, I would suggest using an online calendar for the purpose.

Because, most of the times, you have to reinstall the system for variety of reasons, most common is to try different DE / WM or the system breaks for some unknown reason. It depends on your workload though, after how many months / years you have to reinstall.

In those cases, most probably, the important data will be gone. So, for long term data storage, it is suggested to use online calendars that sync and store your data.
I know there are privacy issues with online calendars, but it is more reliable than local storage.....

For short term storage though, you should use local calendar applications, like Kalender by KDE.


Which would you recommend?

For an online Calendar, I rather like Proton Calendar
There is even an Android application for it too.


If you don't host your own Nextcloud server I guess I would recommend Proton.

Edit: @Kayo you're fast! :laughing: