Caffeine app issue after installing and fix

Hello Garuda users.

I am just posting a fix here. I stumbled upon this issue after installing Caffeine from official repo.
It installed fine but it wont launch on the KDE desktop. NO issue on the Gnome

I found this error if I remember correctly.

No module named ‘pkg_resources’ in Python

So after digging in python forums I found the solution. Basically you just nee to run this command

sudo pacman -S python-setuptools

This will install the missing package.

I could not find this on here s thought may be this will help others. I am just a noob here so if I am posting in wrong area Sorry!

This is interesting. python-setuptools is clearly a makedep as seen here:

I moved this thread to the right category, no worries. Also, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

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