Building a new Workstation

I need your help with build my workstation for CAM CAD, SolidWorks, programming and 3D printing.
Is it possible to install the following on separate SSD's /root, /home, /var, Swap, and boot on removable USB. Will that work or do i have to install the entire system on one SSD?
i am confused over the Swap partition , i checked the Swap space table, for my 256GB DDR4 ECC REG mem in the table it says it need min 272GB and max 512GB of space with Hibernation. lucky enough i have a 512GB SSD.
Please give me some feedback.
i have 10 SSD's and one NVM express 512GB
two RTX 2080Ti

Do you use Hibernation? Personally (lately) I just make the swap about 20% of my RAM and I've never hit the end of it. I'm reasonably sure you can install with no swap at all and make a swap partition later if you feel like you need it. I feel like swap is a bit of a remnant from the days when 1GB of RAM was a lot and isn't really necessary on modern machines with large amounts of RAM.
Please correct me if I'm wrong any of the tech gurus in here, but If you have 256GB of RAM you can comfortably run multiple instances of linux in your RAM alone, I can't see why you would really need a 512GB swap partition? It's the old standard of double your RAM for hibernation right? I think it's outdated.


Pretty sure you can work this out.


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