Bug with Print Screen Button

Hello Garuda users.

Well i have issues with the button Print Screen, they activate Apps from plasma like this:


I cant take screenshots with print screen , i have this screenshot with the another keys

META+S this use with cut screenshots but i cant do it normally with PrintScreen because the key open the plasma apps like the screenshot.

In the plasma shortcuts dont use that key

And in spectacle is the default configuration

And yes i clicked in default settings and doesnt work

No garuda-inxi, but lots of pictures, with a language I don't understand.
Has it worked before?
Did you update and not restart KDE?
Have you searched the net for the error?

Please, post your garuda-inxi :slight_smile:


PrtSc by default brings up Spectacle. This is intentional on KDE's part.
Have a read of this article to understand the default hotkeys:

If this is not the issue, please elaborate further what exactly is the problem.
As hinted at by SGS, in future please post your garuda-inxi. It doesn't matter how irrelevant you think it is.

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Sorry im new in Garuda idk what is Garuda-Inxi, i will search what is in the forum.
1.-Yes it work the first days
2.- Yea maybe that
3.-Yes an nothing like my problems.

Just read the template.

Hello Garuda users.

Please read the following template before requesting assistance:

Please post the terminal/konsole input and output as text (no pictures) from the following command:


Refusing to post the output of the required “garuda-inxi” on a help request will likely result in you not receiving any help from the Garuda team. A failure to provide your system specs may also result in your thread being closed without notice, (as without this information providing assistance is often next to impossible).

Before opening a new help request, please search the Arch and Garuda Wiki’s, and read any relevant sections related to your issue. Also, thoroughly search any error messages in the forum’s search engine and on the web. For in depth information on how to search for answers to Linux issues effectively, read the tips on the Garuda Wiki:

Please report in detail everything you have already attempted to solve your problem.


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