BUG: profile-sync-daemon (psd) OOB configuration fail

Hello Garuda,

This is another bug report in regard to an issue I have found. I noticed that profile-sync-daemon, or the psd user service, was constantly failing to even start and this was caused by a configuration issue from /etc/skel/.config/psd/psd.conf I presume.

What's wrong?

BROWSERS=(firedragon firefox chromium opera vivaldi google-chrome otter-browser)

psd only supports specific browsers that it's specifically programed for to know what and how to handle what it does for us.

firedragon is a browser it is not yet currently designed to know how to handle, so the resulting effect is:

Aug 26 18:03:19 midgaard systemd[2499]: Starting Profile-sync-daemon...
Aug 26 18:03:19 midgaard profile-sync-daemon[2506]:  firedragon is not a supported browser. Check config file for typos: /home/psi-jack/.config/psd/psd.conf
Aug 26 18:03:19 midgaard systemd[2499]: psd.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE
Aug 26 18:03:19 midgaard systemd[2499]: psd.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.
Aug 26 18:03:19 midgaard systemd[2499]: Failed to start Profile-sync-daemon.

Failure to start. However once removing firedragon from the list, it starts and runs just fine.


I'm assuming you uninstalled Firedragon? It provides the needed psd profile in it's package.


No, actually. I installed Garuda XFCE edition. It never came with Firedragon.

Oh then we need to adjust that. nice find!

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Well thank you! And yep. That's exactly why I reported it the way I did. I only forgot to mention the fact I installed Garuda XFCE, specifically. I've used psd before even using Garuda, and always liked it for it's speed and just reducing writes to the NVMe/SSD alone is great.

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