[Bug in listing updates] All chaotic-aur's updates are treated as OS Updates, where the apps has nothing to do with the OS

In Pamac, Software Mode enabled, bitwarden(in chaotic-aur) is listed as listed in OS Updates category, but I have download it externally.

Edit: I also found that in Software Mode if I search for bitwarden it says "No packages found".

Delete / remove external and install from chaotic-aur.


No, I didn't mean that I downloaded it from somewhere else. I downloaded it from Pamac only, and from chaotic-aur manually (by "externally" I meant outside the OS, not pre-installed or so)

Seems lDK what the problem is.
Why and how you install one application twice?


After searching for other applications in Software Mode, now I better understood the issue. It's not an issue with a individual app, it's with whole repositories like chaotic-aur.

  1. If you already have installed packages from chaotic-aur, like ungoogled-chromium and bitwarden, when you update it, it shows in OS Updates category. It's not an OS update, it's different software and has nothing to do with OS.
  2. If you search for such apps all you get is "No packages found". You'll only get those results when Software Mode is OFF.

Now the easy solution is to turn off Software Mode, but I really like the way it shows the applications.