Btrfs root partition was mounted at var/lib/os-prober/mount

A small question off topic , I am asking here as I don’t find it necessary to create a topic for something this small.

Today when I booted Garuda gnome off of ventoy and went to clear my fat32 efi and btrfs partitions from my previous kde install , it showed that the btrfs root partition was mounted at var/lib/os-prober/mount

However since the first time , I have been unable to recreate a scenario where it was mounted automatically at that mount point . What does this signify and why was it automatically mounted ? I searched online and it seemed to be something related to grub and boot entries but am unable to find a proper explanation.

Just edit your post with the garuda-inxi, please.

lsblk -f

as text, too.


It occured only for once , I am not able to recreate it .

So which inxi and lsblk output , ventoy or installed ?

And yes I did unmount it then and installed gnome Garuda if it helps

Then post when it reappears, we are trying to help here and not discuss why something might have been why.

We need the data from your installed system. And always garuda-inxi.
But now there is no problem.


I was asking why it happened because I suspected a broken install or a big issue , otherwise I don’t care too much.

As a part of my self diagnosis , is os-prober enabled in Garuda ? If yes , then is this command run by grub or the host os ?

What’s the difference.

Ayooo I am not a help vampire !

You know what sir , I will now get to research , get back with solid information , make a conclusion with evidence and prove I am not a help vampire .

I will do stuff on my own .

So after some searching and consulting grub’s manual , I have come to conclude that this whole issue was a bug or something like that from grub’s side as there is not enough details on how grub’s os-prober command works in detail .

To further support this fact , I am writing this reply off of ventoy in gnome garuda where in etc/default/grub os-prober was enabled by default and I had a garuda kde installation on my disk which got detected by os-prober as a valid os entry on boot as grub probably runs some command while loading up which in return runs this command . Therefore the root btrfs partition was mounted as an unexpected behaviour , also grub 2.0 hasn’t been updated since 2021 , this could further contribute to the issue .

Anyways I am now not bothered at all , as most of the issues were solved by the grace of sir @SGS , sir @Bro , sir @filo , sir @TilliDie and other forum members with their extraordinary fast assistance.

this reply also serves as a proof that I am not a help vampire.

So sir , what do you think of my conclusion ?

I’m a little late to this thread, but here goes nothing:

Your conclusion is not quite right. There is no bug or unexpected behavior here. Let’s back up for a second:

Probably you had just run an update, and one of the packages updated was the kernel. In this case, a hook regenerates the Grub configuration file and os-prober will run if it is enabled.

Try this:

sudo update-grub

That will regenerate the Grub configuration file, os-prober will run, and my guess is it will establish the mount you observed earlier.

This question is worded in a confusing way, but yes: os-prober is enabled by default in Garuda. This configuration choice deviates from the upstream default for Grub. The setting which specifically enables os-prober is this line in /etc/default/grub:


If you would like to disable it you can comment it out by placing a “#” at the start of the line, or just delete the line altogether.

I’m not sure where you read that, but that’s not right. Grub has been updated many times over the years–it tends to be a package which attracts a lot of attention when it is updated, because it does not always go smoothly. :smirk:

Good for you, keep it up! It’s okay to ask questions and try to learn more, but hopefully you will get into the habit of first doing the research and trying to find the answers on your own.


So , Garuda ran an update which updated the package on a live usb , on a first boot ? Strange , but will run grub-update to check it .

It’s a bit embarassing that I borked my conclusion.

I went to the grub website , checked the releases and found the latest release as of 2021 but still I somehow got it wrong .

Thanks !

On the first boot the Setup Assistant will run and do a full update. Any available package upgrade will be pulled down. Certain ones will initiate the regeneration of the Grub configuration file, such as an update to the kernel. When that happens, os-prober will run.

As far as I remember, the setup assistant doesn’t run on a live usb , not at all . It is just the garuda welcome with the install option.

No, the setup assistant doesn’t run in the live environment.

If you observed os-prober mount your drive while in the live environment, my guess is you ran the installer.


GRUB 2 pkgs don’t come from whatever GRUB website you visited. GRUB2, in Arch, comes from here: Please notice it was last updated Oct. 12, 2023. Remember: rolling release.:slight_smile:

Keep learning, young dragon. :slight_smile:


Okay so the installer , ran os-prober or and mounted my drive. Is this on every time the installer runs ? Is it related to Calameres ?

Oh ! I visited gnu website:

Thanks ! And I will keep learning no matter the storms !

Installing Grub and generating the Grub configuration file is part of the installation routine, yes. Because os-prober is enabled in Garuda by default, it runs as part of that setup. The benefit of this is if you multiboot, when Grub comes up for the first time after a new installation, your other operating systems should show up in the menu.

Hmm, sort of? It is more related to Grub. Calamares kicks off the commands that install Grub, run os-prober, and generate the config file but none of that is specific to Calamares. That is just how we set it up for Garuda Linux.

So this happens when the actual installation begins and the installer shows : Installing bootloader, right ?

I came to notice the main issue when I clicked on install Garuda Linux and the welcome page of Calameres installer popped up

Then as I opened gparted while keeping the installer open , I saw it being mounted at an abnormal mount point.