BTRFS can have crazy file names having :, \,

I renamed a folder to Avengers: Infinity War (2018)
I also created a folder Experiment:\

Don't do this if you are going to backup on NTFS or FAT drives!
If you try, do at your own risk!

You need to study up on what is a permissible file name. The standards are different for Linux and Windows. You are violating the naming rules of the file system you are writing to.

The same applies to file sizes for fat formatted drives, you will corrupt the drive if you try to copy a file larger than the file system supports. This isn't stuff you need to learn for Linux this is Windows rules you are breaking. As a Windows user you should know the rules for Windows file systems.
Better yet, just ditch the antiquated Windows file systems and you won't have to worry about the rules for Windows file names anymore.


This has nothing to do with Windows as I did this in Garuda which is in BTRFS partition.

I don't have a Windows partition at all in my PC, it's been around a year I ditched Windows from my computer. I just have a hard drive of NTFS format by default and it has so many stuff that I'm too lazy to copy them to other, reformat and then put them back.


For the most part, Linux filesystems allow you to use any naming. I don't know off the top of my head what is illegal, but it's not much.

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NTFS uses Windows naming conventions. You can write files on Linux with strange names, but if you try to transfer those illegal Windows file names to an NTFS drive then you will have real problems unless you mount the drive with the Windows file name flag.

You can find the info in man fstab or on the Archwiki.


Can I make an invisible file name w/ Unicode 1364

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Ya you're right, that's why I added this:

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Unicode 1364 is "" right? What is invisible here?

"⠀" is U+2800, I tried this too, so you can.

Again, at your own risk.

Oh and for the OP, you CAN do those commands in the terminal, you just need to understand escape character to do it (I tested to make sure).
mkdir "Experiment:\\"

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Sorry I meant Unicode u + 1364, got very popular in among us because you could use it for blank names :slight_smile:

Oh :hushed: ya, why didn't it come to my brain :brain:
Edited my post.

cool time to make a folder called

Ԡ䈾Ļ֑1QƔ󚁄Հ锶>덈޵唾fחH񡷱|ĕ*󩛽𜐬ݢޯ 󇆁牛ݰ啭󠩏󕓼
􋕿hԹ򭈋.򜍾ף߬چ񩄀򒖗⚇O^ Y񯨗󭽇ήʚ򲉏߀頧#ٕ畁󑆛𮚄຋ͭݙ

TL;DR: any character except / and null is allowed in filenames.