Btrfs balance crashed now no free space on disk

You can use any filesystem you want as long as it’s btrfs.


My guess would be the metadata usage got jacked up so high from all the hacking around you did on this new drive in this thread and this thread. Instead of just copying the files over in a normal manner there was a lot of…experimentation.

For example:

I don’t think the filesystem is the issue.

If you do a reinstall and just copy your stuff over with cp -a or rsync -a instead of all the tomfoolery with snapshots, subvolumes, partition cloning, etc my guess is you will have all your stuff but the metadata will remain modestly sized.


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The problem is I can’t because I get a permission error when I try to copy my waydroid settings. (there owned by root I believe)

That’s why I decided cloning the disk would be a Better solution than just cp -a

Also btrfs already hosed my old disk which is what led to all of this in the first place. (Old disk is working perfectly fine as a Windows install.

I think I might have to do a reinstall though and a cp -a and just forget about waydroid

Found this but it’s old so don’t know if it’s still the case

This did not work for you because you were using cp -r instead of cp -a. If you run sudo cp -r then all the files will inherit root ownership (which will mess up all your “normal” files), and if you do not use sudo then the copy will fail for root-owned files and directories.

Instead, run like this:

sudo cp -a /copy/from /copy/to

cp -a preserves file ownership, and other file properties as well. So you can run it as root, allowing it to capture all your root-owned files, but also your user-owned files will retain their correct ownership and permissions.

Other than files and directories in /home, and any configs you want to keep out of /etc, there shouldn’t be much else that is copied. Packages installed with a package manager are better off reinstalled to avoid introducing a partial upgrade.


It turns out this is a known regression in the 6.7 kernel: [6.7 regression] [BISECTED] 28270e25c69a causes overallocation of metadata space

I apologize for suggesting it could be caused by all the atypical disk operations preceding the issue. Now, I am pretty sure that suggestion was incorrect. All the tomfoolery (:wink:) or otherwise should not matter.

A simple workaround for anyone else running into this issue would be to switch to the LTS kernel for now.


Thank you for the information. Switched to Xanmod. It has version 6.6.14.

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