Btrfs Assistant unable to apply changes

Hi guys,

I noticed snapshots takes too much space on my disk (cca 170 GiB). The number of snapshots is set to 10 (i checked it in Btrfs Assistant), so naturally i tried to change it, but every time i reboot my PC, the num of snapshots return back to 10. I dont have timeshift, so i rely on Btrfs Assistant. What is the best way to change number of snapshots? I want to uninstall and install again the btrfs assistant, but it has dependency on garuda assistant and im not sure if its safe to do it.

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Do you have snapper tools installed? from there you can delete snapshots and also change the number of snapshots held.

Are you saving the changes in Btrfs Assistant after making the change?

This helps me, but also made another issue. because no space was freed. With Filelight i can see snapshots was deleted, but in KDE partition manager (or warning pop ups window) it is quite obvious that this does not freed space on the disk.

How do you check the size of snapshots? Please note that most tools are not aware of the actual size of the snapshot directories.