Bspwm edition?

It appears from the posts that Garuda at one time offered a BSPWM Edition.

Are there any plans to bring this back?

In general a spin becomes available because someone from the community has stepped forward to offer their time and effort to maintain it.

This question is thus somewhat unanswerable; you are sort of asking "Are there any plans for someone from the community to emerge with a desire to create and maintain a BSPWM spin?" It is sort of un-plannable...unless...


I see. I wasn't aware of the process. Thanks for responding

The answer from @BluishHumility was the solution, not your recognition of it.
So I changed it. :slight_smile:

If you can't or don't want to maintain it yourself, what about i3wm, sway or wayfire?

You can also convert KDE to a tiling machine :wink:


Latest KDE version has some pretty decent tiling now I have to say :smile:


Just for the sheer fun of it, I've switched my de to xfce4 and plan to incorporate bspwm there. I've used bspwm before on other distros so I'm not totally new, just fairly new to Garuda.


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