BSPWM behavior lost

The window behavior of bspwm has changed. For instance, I opened a terminal and it takes up the whole screen, even though I had firefox opened. I've tried super + f toggle thinking that might restore windows but it doesn't. Any thoughts on how to fix?


Nothing really changed in terms of controls.
Did you already use Garuda BSPWM and the behaviour changed or did you just install and are confused with the bindings? (some are not bspwm default)

Sounds like the browser is mapped to a workspace in the config.

was using it. I know how to read the configs and key bindings are not the issue. Thanks for replying.

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Its not. I can move the browser around. Just logged out and them back in. Now it works. Firefox locks up.

Tbh, no idea what the problem was since it seemed quite coincident in this case. But im glad you solved it :grin:

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