Browser shipping with Garuda

As you're probably all aware firedragon that ships with garuda is based on librewolf which itself is based on firefox stable.

Manjaro appears the first browser to ditch firefox in favour of vivaldi, wonder if more will follow suit?

Have the garuda team thought about browsers shipping with the distro lately? Sticking with a firefox-based albeit heavily modified firedragon? Or considering moving away from ff too?

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No, we are not considering vivaldi or any other browser over firedragon.

And I don't know why would someone switch to vivald instead of Firefox. I don't trust less popular browsers even for personal use, let alone shipping with our distro.
We ensure that default browser is secure and privacy respecting, so we tweaked librewolf and created firedragon with relevant extensions, to ensure security as well as better UX.


Only Cinnamon, community edition.


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I honestly think this will go in history like one of those "turn the clocks back to access the website" moments.


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To be clear, FireDragon is great and I use it as my daily browser, I'm quite happy with it - it 'just worked' and it's clearly well set-up for privacy.

Firefox is losing market share steadily and everyone and their dog has different suggestions as to why (design decisions, code base is jank leading to poor ux on simple things, forced updates during workflows, blah blah blah.

Be interesting to see how the browser market evolves over the next few years, especially for non-chrome users.

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Especially on android. On android, they changed their UI recently (around half an year ago?). I don't like it at all. And also, you can't install different themes and extensions in Firefox android. It was a bit better earlier imo.

But I switched to Samsung internet and it's a bit better than Firefox and Chrome, especially because it is better looking and I can use DDG in it (though I still don't trust it's security). (Not advertising Samsung btw)

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Ship terminal browser as default :wink:
Something link lynx
Fire dragon, in my opinion is a no brainer. Unless you really like your data stolen(Considering known browsers)

Please don't fact check me
Base operating systems have a less market than their distros, For example ubuntu. Does that mean ubuntu is also dying?

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