Broken system after updating

So I just updated garuda and after the reboot everything was broken. Garuda Welcome opened but I got no control panels and clicking on anything in the garuda welcome window judt results in either nothing happens or the fish console opens but nothing but a single '-' is printed in the console.
But like a minute after I opened the system cleaner and just saw the '-', I got the control panels back yet nothing but dolphin can be opened.
Any idea what I can do? Sadly I can't post a terminal ouput since the fish console doesn't seem to work.

Edit: I now got a terminal output; after clicking on reinstall all packages the fish console actually was doing smth, showing me how many mb would be reinstalled and y/n asking me if I want to do it, but then I got an error because garuda is not detecting my internet wire anymore...

Which edition of Garuda Linux are your using?

Also, try rolling back to a snapper snapshot in grub


I am using the dragonized edition. I will try this thanks for your note.

My god thank you everything is working again.

Welcome :slight_smile:

Please, follow the template and post your garuda-inxi output.

Until you update, do you use garuda-update in terminal?


Restoring the snapshot has fixed my issues.
You can close this now, thank you.

I used sudo update

Using a restored snapshot is no solution, btw.
You update again and no problems?


No I wont update anymore today. I was just coming home an hour ago and wanted to chill and drink my tea when I got this security message that told my I should update my sytem from time to time so I did. Caused my a lot of trouble and I didn't actually wanted to do it so...not again today...

@SGS I updated now and got excactly the same issues. As it I already explained above, after updating I can't use the terminal; so I can't use garuda-inxi either.
I used the snapshot-option again and this will be my solution to this problem. I will try garuda-update again in maybe a month or so.

Btw: yesterday I visited the forum using my phone and everything was fine. Now I am using my PC and I've got serious struggels finding an "reply" button; that's why I am just editing my own message now.

We all go on vacation for a year starting tomorrow and close the forum during this time.

Until then and then please post the required garuda-inxi.

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