Brave crashing every few minutes

Hey everyone, first time posting here. Ive been using Garuda as my main desktop now for a month and I absolutely love it. I love it so much that I was finally able to leave W1ndows behind and I think this time forever. Ive been trying to do that for several years so excellent job!!
I have an issue to report, I have not seen it reported elsewhere in here so there it goes:

I installed Brave as my main browser the first five minutes of doing my clean install and it worked like a charm until about a week ago. After a recent update it now crashes often. I was wondering if I should just downgrade and somehow make sure it stays out of the updates automatically or if there is some kind of fix for it. I have read about this kind of bug in other distros.

Thanks a lot!

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Welcome aboard.

Personally I'd suggest you ditch Brave and install Vivaldi. I don't trust Brave. They claim to be privacy centric, but yet have a ads rewards program.

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If you actually look into it, the documentation seems really legit and it works really well. The problem with Brave is into the shady stuff they did, like the past affiliate link thing. But suggesting another browser isn't related at all with the issue at hand.

I'm having the same problems with Brave, but in my case I use Firefox as my main, so I'm not affected that much.


If you haven't tried it yet looks like the latest without using the dev version is 1.18 in a snap package.

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Install brave-bin instead of brave. if that doesnt work try brave-nightly or brave-beta


Thanks for all the replies, installing brave-bin solved the problem, I was afraid to try it before backing stuff up but it even saved all the activity I had on the browser. Thanks!

Regarding the browser stuff my view is that my privacy is pretty much screwed everywhere, so I take a few steps here and there but I dont go crazy about it. Im using Brave cause it works ok and it pays me a few BATs every now and again.

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