Borked my KDE please help

I installed Plank and ran a command xprop -remove _KDE_NET_WM_SHADOW

Now I get a black screen with mouse cursor after logging in.

Please help, how do I fix this.

Inixi and journalctl scrrenshots:

Can't post pictures here it says pls resize pixels too large.

I think you should restore the latest working snapshot...


It didn't work, so I wiped root partition and reinstalled Garuda, issue persists after fresh install on old Home directory. Something has changed in my home directory, it survived countless distro hopping, i might have to wipe it :sob::sob::sob:

Let me guess: you don't backup home directory, do you? :wink:
Before wiping, boot to a tty and create a new user.
Then, if working, you can move carefully the configurations.
If you can't boot to a tty, chroot from a live USB.