Bored With Dragonized Gaming Edition

Hello Garuda users.

I’ve become bored with Dragonized Gaming Edition and want to use a new desktop. I currently use it on a laptop that sits in my kitchen. I use it while eating and watching my kids.

I do basic browsing and manage my media server that is in the basement. Occasionally watch movies and sports on it.

Gnome looks smooth and sleek, not sure of the benefits of all of the different flavors of Garuda.

Was wondering if this community could educated me on the differences of the desktop environments or point me to a source to educated myself.

Gaming Edition has been great, but I haven’t done much gaming lately. If any of the other flavors are configured for gaming that would be a plus, but not necessary.

Thank you as always fellow Garudians!

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Nah, sorry, there’s enough very easily available information about the various DEs & WMs.

You’ve been a forum member for over 3 years. Your ‘Reading Time’ is approx. 9 hrs.

Go here: Garuda Linux | Download

Look around. Download the various LiveISOs and try them out. Otherwise, it’s a moot question. Every one has different requirements/needs, or what they consider “pretty.”

Make your own choice. If it turns out that you don’t agree with it, choose another. That not only goes with the choices in Garuda, but everywhere else in Linuxland. The freedom to make your own choices is built into Linux. It’s the whole friggen point! If that’s not what you want, there’s Windows.

“Be bold, and mighty forces shall come to thine aide.” ~ somebody either said or something or not.


Download and road test CachyOS and EndeavorOS
You’ll soon come back to and love Garuda again :slight_smile:


The literal first few results


Wasn’t the case for me haha. All great distros though!

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Could a mod delete my post. Apparently it’s a toxic question in this community.

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Which distro are you using right now?

Not toxic, no. More of a post asking others to form an opinion for you, instead of you doing the work and forming your own. See the difference?

Perhaps a better question that would fulfill your question, would be a poll. You want a couple of qualifiers. You use Garuda on a laptop. You use it in the kitchen for gaming & occasional streaming, but not so much gaming nowadays. Probably browse on it while eating?

So…laptop user?
Best Gaming Desktop Environment?
Best non-Gaming Environment?
Ease-of-use? (Kids are a distraction.)
Maintenance? (Some DEs require more user interaction than others.)
System Resources Consumption?

Those are just some of the stuff that popped into my head while sipping wine and dabbing og chem. There could be many more. Also, polls for favorite DE/WM have been done here before. Make sure not to duplicate one. However, the existing ones may give you refinement ideas for you poll.

Make it fun; make it instructive by conclusion. But have fun doing it! You provide a service to Garuda and the Linux Community as a whole. :smiley:

And don’t take my guff as criticism. Everything I write–everything–is written tougue-in-cheek, or cranky-and-in-pain-where’s-my-effing-coffee mode. :smiley:

(Hey, do you have/use a touchscreen monitor? GNOME’s the winner for that kind of use.)



About this, Garuda Gamer exists on every spin (to my knowledge) and you can use that to get the packages you need :slight_smile:
So at this point it’s not so much “What edition is easy to configure for gaming?”, but more “How long are you willing to spend learning a new DE/WM?”

If you don’t want to spend heaps of time learning how a window manager like Qtile or i3 works, your only options are pretty much Gnome (which has a unique workflow of its own that you either love or hate, but it can’t be denied that it’s one of the best on laptops), Cinnamon, LXQt-kwin, XFCE and MATE. Wayfire seems to be okay as well as long as you don’t need to change the screen resolution or scaling.


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