Bootable USB Failed

Every time I rufus it always fails, does anyone know the cause?
i use balenaEtcher and garuda dr490nized

So many questions.

  • How are you using Rufus on Linux?
  • What are you trying to write?
  • What is the relevance of balena etcher?
  • What is the actual error you are getting?

Processing: s.jpeg...
when I want to be bootable in windows using balenaetcher when finished validating it appears failed

You answered none of my actual questions....

I would like to help you but I need some information to do so.


I'm going to guess that you have checked the USB filesystem and found it is showing as something like 4MB in size, and misinterpreted that as being "broken" because it is smaller than the actual size of the USB drive.

This has been posted about many times on the forum already, and is simply how a bootable medium appears - a Windows installation medium looks exactly the same.

Finally, you also could have tried booting from the USB drive to check whether it was actually "broken" assuming there was no actual error from Rufus or Balena Etcher.

Therefore, just try booting from the USB and see what happens.