Boot repair missing from default Installation

Hi there :slight_smile:

I am confused: Wasn't Garuda Boot Repair previously installed by default?

It is, why you don't think so?
It is included in the live ISO's, of course.

That's where you rescue/repair from.


But it is not available on the installed version?

Don't give me terrible doubts because I'm out at work all day today :wink:
I really don't think so.
And this line (hiding relevant button) looks like confirmation to me (the if condition above is true for live isos):

Ops, it was also written in the comment at line 82...


Yes it’s not since boot repair requires garuda-chroot which needs a live USB. The only case where having boot repair be available in installed version of garuda makes sense is if you have a separate unmounted drive on your system that uses linux and has gone haywire and you want to reinstall grub on that unmounted drive. (remember boot repair uses chroot)


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