Boot Option for Garuda is missing - only snapshots are available and 2nd linux OS

I installed Garuda a couple of days ago. Yesterday suddenly the garuda option was missing and only 2 of the snapshots where there and the other linux os (i have arcolinux on another partition).

To be honest .....I am a little bit confused with the installation of grub.

When I first installed Garuda with automatic settings it even finshed with an error (something around btrfs). I then created a very small aditional grub partition via gparted which i marked the way and i think i lef it unformated which i read somewhere.

That way I was able to install garuda

sudo update-grub did not help ......and I am even at a point where I tried to just reinstall it.

I learned that when I boot into arco linux and do an os-probe it does not work but when I install os-probe-btrfs it works but not fully since I then get the Garuda menu but when I try it I get an error that grubenv is not found and version to old for 32 bit boot and i should try linux16 .....

I was able to change it back by copying the file from gardua boot/grub/ to the arco linux /boot/grub/grub.cfg and then do a grubinstall /dev/sda

That way I can load the snapshots again ....but not the normal "garuda" setup.

when I do the os-probe in gardua it will find arco linux but not garuda (i guess in general os-prober is to find "other" os and not the one from which you install it. At the same time this is my issue ....

any ideas?

Post some more detailed information about the issue, what you have read, what you have tried, what the specific errors are that you see, etc.

There's nothing specific enough in what you have posted so far to have any clue what you are doing.


Generally when you decide to dual boot Garuda you've made the decision to forego any Garuda support channels. If you feel you are an advanced enough user to manage Multi-booting then it's your responsibility to fix any mess you create by installing Garuda in a non-standard way.


I was not aware that dual boot is not supported. Actually I was not aware that there is any in scope and out of scope things to ask for you support. For sure I am responsible for what am I doing and I guess that is even true in a single boot environment.

Anyway ----I was able to fix it by booting in one of the snapshots and then just do a sudo grub-install /dev/sda and now everything is there again .....

I hope in general it is ok to ask for help even the topic might be not standard (I am not even sure what is considered to be ok in regards to Garuda support channels and what it not ok).


You're new here; best to sit back and read forum posts when you can. You'll get the hang of it. But, generally, the essence is Garuda here, and pretty much as the developers designed it.

First thing to understand, is Garuda is a mythical hybrid of a beast that's located somewhere between User-Centric island and Distribution-Centric land. When you use dr460nized KDE Plasma you're running the same thing its developer uses. That's the "user-centric" part of it.

Where it crosses over into "distribution-centric" being, is that its developer decided, along with several other vested parties, to release their version of "dr460nized" to the public as a Linux Distribution. And support it the same.



It is OK to ask and you may find a kind user willing to offer advice. However, once it becomes a too frequently asked question we may simply limit discussion and ask the user to search for their answer if it has already been answered many times before.

In some cases we have needed to impose hard limits in the Calamares installer to prevent users from making unsupported installs and then plugging the forum with help requests.

This was necessary to enforce unsupported file system formats for the OS, and minimum RAM. Calamares will no longer permit installing the OS on anything other than a btrfs partition or with less than 3.5 GB of RAM. This was done because most people refuse to follow the distro's recommendations and then come on the forum complaining their install doesn't work properly.

Sometimes people are their own worst enimies and are often the authors of their own misfortunes. With such a small distro and support team we don't have the time or inclination to correct issues that users created themselves.

Welcome to Garuda, and big kudos to you for having the chops to figure things out for yourself.


Actually we have one of the best out of box virtualmachine support.

But still we say vm are not recommended

It's due to vm itself having the limitations regarding the graphics

I was thinking maybe we make garuda unbootable in a vm
It has crossed my mind quite a few times

But the cons are too many so lt never came to be