Boot menu still not saving changes (dr460nized-210507)

I love Garuda Linux, but still need my PC to default to Windows 10 at boot, so I had to stop using Garuda Linux as changes made to the Garuda Boot Menu (default to Windows Boot Manager - Windows 10), were just not saving, everytime it would reboot into Garuda by default.

Just done a clean install with the 210507 ISO, but the problem is still there, no matter what I do, I can't get the boot menu to default to Windows, so I will be installing another flavour of linux instead as this is the only distro I've installed with this issue - will it ever be resolved?


Update 21:38 BST -
Thanks for the helpful replies, and to the very rude reply re: reading my PC/motherboard manual - I built the PC, I've been working with computers for 40 years, this is not a BIOS/UEFI booting issue, my topic relating to the Garuda Boot Menu feature, which DOES NOT save 'Windows Boot Manager' as default, nor does editing the GRUB _DEFAULT to 2 (Windows Boot Manager), and updating GRUB, all options result in booting to Garuda by default. Thanks to the helpful reply from a contributor stating it's a bug relating to BTRFS and GRUB, so it will always default to Garuda be default. The bug is the same regardless of which PC it's installed on, it is a Garuda Boot Menu issue, not mine!

Well it won't unless the bug regarding btrfs and grub saved_default gets fixed

Well if you want to the save function you will get sparse file error everytime you boot and you have to press enter to get past it


Have you ever read your PC/motherboard User Manual?
It is impossible for any OS to stop you from booting whatever you want.
It is your HW and you can do anything you want (with the cost of reading the user manual).
Nevertheless, this can also be done from Garuda/linux running system and it is answered several times in the past.
The cost, here, is to search for such topics and read the solution.

This is not a Personal support forum. Users are helping other users.


Bye bye now. :wave:


Already has been, if you read the GRUB wiki pages:


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