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Hello , I am a new user in the field of Linux. I had installed the Garuda Linux lite in my laptop which has 8 gigs of RAAm and 4gb graphics card with 1TB storage. Today when I tried to login into my laptop I was getting a boot Loop and could not enter my adminstrator account while my guest account was working fine. I looked into for solutions and even tried them one of them being the Command friendly technique by pressing Ctrl + Alt + F3, but all in vain. Please help me. I wanted to attach an image of issue but as I am a new user I am not eligible to attach a pic of my screen.

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Use in grub Garuda snapshot to boot with last working snapshot.

Next time also use forum search first before open new topic.


Hello sir, I used your method of using the last snapshot in GRUB but still the loop exists.

I wrote

Try all.

If all fail, use garuda-chroot from live ISO to update your system.

Use the forum search function for the how-to.


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