Boot issues after windows update

set up D-boot with windows 10.
ran fine for 4months.
windows did an update.
Garuda no longer runs.
tried doing wipefs -o 0x10040 /dev/sdx but get-

"could not set up chroot environment. Please double-check the selected location"

Have tried using the repair option but i get the same error.

Any assistance would be helpfull. TY Big love.

Edit: Dont know what information to post regarding this so If you need something just let me know. <3

Can you be more specific here?
Does GRUB not start (a common problem with Windows updates)?
Does GRUB start but Garuda gives an error while booting?

could no longer tell you, i just wiped the computer and reinstalled everything.

If you were going to do that, why'd you waste time asking for a fix? That's selfish and inconsiderate.


What she said ^^^