Boot issu and internet issu. first look on garuda

Hello everyone , I m new not new on linux but im totaly a noob . today I decided to install a linux disto that I saw on a youtube video that I liked on my w indows machine , I ran mini partition wizzard make a partition of 250 gb of my C drive downloaded garuda burn it on a usb then the nightmare began.

first of all when installed gadura for the firs time my toutch pad wasnt working i searched on the internet then I decided to reinstall things was sweet on the sconde try I installed everything , It was good at this poin but when laptop turned of then just booted into windows and after i tryd to boot into grub menu againg but nothing sems helping even goin back to the boot menu in the bios garuda just disappear so I had to earase the partition again and re try , after that same problem again but I found a silly fix which is having my usb all the time and boot to gadura using it then remove it like a key to my secret room (garuda), I though this is it but then for 3 times in row of installing when end the instalation and try to install my pakages it throw me some erors and when I try to accessthe internet some websites work like …but other dont work like .

if some some one encountered some of my problems and have a fix share it with me please, I really wand to be part of this community and use this awesome linux distro.

*how to prevent grub menu from disappearing after booting to windows

*how to fix the internet issu

sorry for my poor language and miss typing.

Thank you

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