Bluetooth connection slows down Wifi

My laptop is HP Probook 450 G2 with Realtek RLT8723BE radio chip. I was running Ubuntu 20.04-LTS and everything was working fine. But after installing Garuda Dragonized Gaming, whenever I connect to a bluetooth audio device, wifi connection lags like a turtle. After a lot of serching on internet, I found out that arch linux lacks the integretion for this type of bluetooth + wifi coexisting chip. Only solution is to switch to a 5 GHz network. So, no matter how appealing the user interface on Garuda is, I think I have to finally give it up.

Thanks for the feedback.

Did you test alternative kernels including older and newer kernels?

I would have to surmise this is a kernel issue, not an Arch issue. The reason it is likely an issue for your problem prone wifi chip is that more recent kernels have likely introduced incompatabilities for that model.

If you're saying that this is an Arch issue, then you must not understand how rolling distros work. Arch Linux does not create or develop the Linux kernel. How can you blame Arch for incompatibilities on newly released kernels?

You should definitely stick to a static distro if you are not famiar with how to troubleshoot (or bisect) a kernel if an incompatability occurs.The reason static distro's have less kernel issues
is that the users on Arch (and other) modern rolling distros troubleshoot new kernel bugs to help get them resolved.

The users of these rolling distros file bug reports to hopefully correct any issues with a newly released kernel. That's how the older LTS kernels become more stable. It's from the responsible users on distros like Arch testing and reporting bugs. Kernels don't miraculously become stable by themselves, or with the magical healing touch of Linus Torvalds index finger.

If you want old software on old kernels use a Debian/Ubuntu based distro. Don't expect to use a cutting/bleeding edge distro and not experience speed bumps along the way. That's just to be expected when your running the newest software and kernels fresh off the press (as the old saying goes).