Black screen with 3 orange dots

Until today i was very happy with garuda linux dragonized kde but i wrote in alacritty "sudo nvidia-xconfig --cool-bits=12" to try to overclock my geforce 840M, then a file with the name of "xorg.conf" was created in the path etc/x11 and i also wrote in the file the name of the gpu and after restar i just got a black screnn after boot into the system and tree orange dots. However y can press alt+f2 to acces al console, i guess is the ttf, and can acces normally to my garuda but only with a console interface and i can't use my snapshots.

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This is not how it is done properly.
Restore your system and use the xorg.conf method, editing current/existing files, not using nvidia cli utilities.
If you can't understand, ask a question.


Long short story. My w10 and garuda Linux were fight each other for my computer. So i just uninstall the garuda form my laptop to other PC and it confirm my theory.

I change to the gnome version and know i have another problem, i can't update my SO.