Black screen after login


After the today's update I can't log into the system anymore. As soon as I type in the password the screen goes black and I only have my mouse cursor.

I have restored once with Timeshift, updated again and it presented the same issue.

Unfortunately I don't know which logs are required or even if the problem is related to Garuda itself or some other packages but it the update breaks it entirely (GUI wise).

Thought I would let you guys know.

Thank you!

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@SGS you really do have a crappy attitude not allowing me to reply. Best of luck with your OS with this kind of attitude. I'm out!
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Restore and wait :slight_smile:


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If you can’t see anything obvious

If none of the above helps fix this issue (which the first one will in 90% of cases) then search all Arch OS related forums for recent issues (Search results for 'black screen' - Garuda Linux Forum), and, if you can’t find anything, start a new thread mentioning what you have already tried.


Rebuttal to the "I'm butt hurt and outa here for not being allowed to prattle on endlessly like this forum is my own personal blog" whinge.

Your topic has been posted on this forum more times than I can recall. Your specific issue even has its own dedicated help thread in the Frequently Asked Questions Garuda help docs. The pertinent help doc was linked for you by @SGS. @SGS then advised you the correct procedure was to do a timeshift rollback then simply wait for the issue to be resolved.

Your reaction to having your oft asked help request moved off the main forum was the typical knee jerk reaction of the self-entitled, you demanded your account be deleted. Well that's fine, bye bye, and it's your loss not ours. @SGS is one of the founders of Garuda, and he puts in countless unpaid support hours on the Garuda forum helping new users. Name me another distro where the distro devs put in full time online support 24/7 for their distro users. He (and other support staff) are not going to waste their limited support time repeatedly answering the same questions over and over on the forum.

You need to give your head a shake my friend, as your expectations are overly inflated and unrealistic . A small distro with limited support resources requires prioritizing where assistance is allocated.. Spending countless hours of support on issues that have been solved on the forum numerous times in the past is inefficient and counterproductive. That is why the forum has a search feature and there is the Garuda FAQ section and Wiki. Threads that have been asked and answered numerous times in the past are generally moved off the main forum as they are simply clutter when a fix has been documented many times over.

If you do not agree with that policy you are free to develop your own distro and forum, and decide your own acceptable use policies there. Until then, the Garuda moderation staff will decide what posts are acceptable and will remain open on the Garuda forum. If that doesn't suit you then be careful not to let the door slap you in the ass on the way out.

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