Black screen after loading grub

Hello all,
Sorry if I am doing something dumb. I am new to Garuda. I installed the Gnome version this morning. After booting up after installing I gave it an update using pamac and after doing so I rebooted. Now after I select garuda from Grub, I get a black screen. I have tried ctrl+alt+F1/F2 to try to get into to tty but I cannot seem to do that either. I reinstalled garuda again to see if it was something with the installation but after updating and rebooting again, it still seems to not work.

What have I done wrong?

Thank you in advance for your help

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Which packages did you update? What hardware do you have?

Old Garuda GNOME ISO?
Changing display manager help, IIRC.


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Oh! That restoring feature is super helpful.

I have restored the session back to working and as for the question of which packages I updated. There were around 161 packages I upgraded . This time I am trying to update and leaving out gdm and seeing if that is what may be causing the problem.

As for hardware, I am running this on an HP Pavillion Laptop 15 with an AMD A12-9720P cpu with Radeon R7 graphics

I tried checking to see if I had an outdated ISO and it seems like I have the latest (from sourceforge).

How would I go about changing my display manager?

You should still be able to see journal logs from your failed boot.
The auto-snapshots does not lose previous journal logs AFAIK.

journalctl -p3

and check the timestamps.


Before you do that, include some information about your system and the packages you updated which caused the issue.

Try to do this systematically rather than jumping ahead.


Sorry about that. I do tend to jump ahead...

My system is an HP Pavilion Laptop 15-cd0xx
It has an AMD A12-9720P with Radeon R7 (embedded in the processor).

I have a list of the packages I updated in the following pastebin:
(I hope a pastebin is alright. I didn't think pasting a wall of text into the forum would be appropriate)

I also made another pastebin with the output that pamac gave me while installing the updates:

Thank you so much for your help.

Is there any other information I should provide?


A number of people are hitting an issue with 5.10 and AMD GPUs:

There are patches coming which will fix this, but until then you might want to exclude the kernel from updates.

If you want to check whether you're affected by this I have a 5.10.1 linux-zen built with the patches included (which works for me).


Thank you so much! I didn't install those two packages and now my laptop boots!