Black screen after don't use computer

after a while a dont use my garuda, it goes to screen black (screen protection I think) but when I use keyboard or mouse the os is not going back, or shotdown. its just black . i have to hold power to power it off and on again by force. do anyone have a same problem?

Please provide your


as required by the template.


the computer go die. so is it ok if i copy and paste the code after restarting the computer and paste it here?

Yes, of course. We need it to see your system specifications, kernel, DE, etc.
So, nothing related to the issue.
For the specific issue, it might be useful to see an abstract of the journal at the time the issue occurred. Also this can be provided at the next login.


If you are on KDE version of garuda can you check if in your power managementenergy saving settings you haven’t selected hibernate after a period of inactivity in any of the power profiles? I had a similar issue and it turns out that turning off that option helped me. You can look at these two posts for more info


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