Black desktop bug

Hello, I am in new Garuda Linux KDE Gaming Edition
After rebooting, wallpaper is gone. Desktop is black. How can I fix this?

Sorry. Solution is right click on desktop and picking a wallpaper. But that is bug about after rebooting wallpaper changing as basic color.

The team is already working on it, and asks for patience.

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Sorry I am new. I was not know.

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No need to apologize, we are always interested in feedback. :slight_smile:


And what you did is a fix but no solution :slight_smile: , so dont mark it as one.


@SGS I do not know if this helps but i Had the same issue and discovered the following is true for me:

The issue seems to be a per user issue. Other users on the same system have then the wallpapers.

When I tried to reinstall the wallpaper packages, (happened after the issue) they signaled that they were corrupted and had an invalid signature from @dr460nf1r3 (I think). May not be related.

Also I do not seem to be able to pick a wallpaper on the dysfunctional account.

Perhaps the solution lies i copying something from /etc/skel to somwhere else, But Iam not sure what to where.

This issue is way more serious than just a black wallpapper. If you right click on your desktop a full empty screen opens and nothing happens. Icons are all missing. Youhave to reset kde settings.