Black Arch Dr460nized

I am new to Garuda " and very impressed"
If I want the full installer (as I had problem with the internet wizzard offering me to download more apps), is the BLack Arch, the right iso to use ?

I am not a gamer..

I am " very impressed " and been waiting for a distro like this for years... ( used Ubutu distros, debians distros, Manjaro...). And was looking for looking for a modern Desktop Environnement.

This edition is new in store - basically its dr460nized featuring the BlackArch repository, BlackArch tweaks and a selection of the most common tools. Its made for people who want to use the tools without sacrificing the look of the system. To ensure best compatability with wifi adapters a selection of common drivers are also preinstalled. That being said, this edition is not made for use in VMs - the recently announced XFCE blackarch edition is most likely a better fit for this use case. As with the bare bones Garuda editions, the BlackArch editions are for advanced users only, (you're on your own for support).




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