Bizcom this is something new?

Was Bizcom added or always been there? I see it on log out and boot up. A little splash graphics.

This is something related to the Plymouth package.

I don't know why it is appearing over there, but we have not much info on your side.


Well after a rather large update was done that showed up. After another reboot both are now gone. Was just curious. Thank you for the reply.

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No prob.
Tip (from a non-technical person): "Bizcom" is a word that cannot lead to misunderstanding.
I did a simple search on the forum, and besides yours, there was only one thread, which referred generically to plymouth.
So I threw an eye upstream.... :wink:

It will be the UEFI graphic for the hardware manufacturer.

GRUB started showing this a few versions ago so there's a consistent "quiet" boot process from firmware loading through to DM.


All the years I used to answer people with link that led to "Just fucking google it" I seem to have not taken my own advice and searched...... :grin:

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I saw that in the grub and was not sure what it was making "Quiet". Nice, cool piece of information.

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