Bitwarden desktop application forever loading with circlelogo

I'm in the middle of migrating to Bitwarden.
On the Linux side, when I launch the desktop app (from chaotic-aur), it opens and just keeps the "loading logo" running on white background ad infitum...

Don't know even where I would start to look for cause...

But then I downloaded the app straight from Bitwarden pages and installed it. That one worked...

Gonna leave this post here, if someone has a similar issue...

Please update bitwarden and try again :eyes:

Personally I'm using the Bitwarden browser extensions only. Also, I'm actually not sure of that but the Bitwarden application itself is also only an Electron application - since logins are 99% on some websites there is no need to open another app to get the login details. You might try this, its very convenient this way :slight_smile:


Hmm... I uninstalled the firefox plugin, reinstalled it with installer.
I uninstalled the app, that I got from Bitwarden homepage and reinstalled it with installer from the same Chaotic-aur I took earlier...

The good thing is, that now it works. Strange thing is, that now on app list there are 2 Bitwarden programs.

Plain Bitwarden with blue shield logo and Bitwarden (1.25.1) with white shield and blue background xD

Both work, though...

So, I mark it solved!


Im pretty sure that it was just the Bitwarden package being outdated, after updating you got the fixed version which is why it works.
Im not sure what Bitwarden itself provides as download - its probably an Appimage which tend to create .desktop files in ~/.local/share/applications to have a startmenu icon. Have a look in that directory and delete the item.


You're exactly right, it was an appimage. I'll take a look there.

P.S. It wasn't there, though the appimage-application was the one with (1.25.1) after it.
I went to Application launcher right clicked it and there was an option to "Remove appimage from machine". Which I took and it's gone. And the aur-one still works.
So, it's 100% solved now :smiley:

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