Better Defaults for KDE Plasma

This isn't a problem, it's more feedback for what would make for more sane defaults, IMO.

  1. Move the window buttons for maximized windows to the left of the menu. When something opens the menu button moves out of the way, and makes it easier to click the close button because you don't have to readjust the pointer, you can just move it there blindly and click close.
  2. When this is done, it makes the hot corner a pain when you're trying to close the window and you get the overview pop up instead. Moving that to the lower left side fixed that issue for me. I didn't realize I wasn't in here until I noticed it, I must've closed out of the wrong chat by mistake. I was on a lot of different ones and was a bit careless at the time.
    And with the blended maximized window buttons to the left like it is in Unity, that brings up other helpful settings. KDE Plasma with Latte Dock can be made to look like Unity. Move the dock to the left side, set it to panel mode, and then set icons to align to the top. This would be a good "click to add feature". Or better yet, just have a Unity edition that includes extra tools and widgets created to improve the Unity-like experience with different icons, widgets, little tweaks, etc.
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The Garuda KDE looks like the Garuda KDE developer like it.
If you like unity than change it to your taste. :slight_smile:


While I wouldn't change the way the window buttons behave right now, I actually agree with this. Happened to me a few times too. :eyes:


Completely agree with SGS here.

If anything changing KDE default to look like Unity would be confusing and users like me would be annoyed as heck. Rather customize your own layout no distro can have defaults for everyone.

Joy of Linux is make it your own


I agree with this. I move show all desktops for me to the bottom left cause I have a habit of mousing too far into the top corners and activating it when I'm simply trying to close a window, access the start menu, or trying to access logoff / restart on the top right. I also have KRunner set to activate from the bottom right corner. These were my personal needs so I didn't bother to ask for changes to be made.


KDE Dragonized is very opinionated, I doubt if anyone except @dr460nf1r3 likes all aspects of Dragonized. For example I wanted the app launcher to be at the bottom (perhaps it is now, haven't tried the latest layout) so I modified the Latte Dock layout.

One of the most excellent things about the defaults on KDE is you can change them.

I, for example, do not care one bit for hot corners (period) and I always disable them. In KDE this is incredibly simple to do--where as Gnome you have to install extra software just do disable the default hot corner. :unamused:

By the way, I got a bit of a laugh because I expect this is not quite what you meant to say:

:face_with_spiral_eyes: More insane?! :clown_face:


Not on Gnome 42 its in settings under mulyitasking

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