Best Garuda district for a Thinkpad X1 Carbon

My library is giving away refurbished Thinkpads, they’re the ones with the red button in the middle. Those are the X1 Carbon’s I think.

They come pre-installed with MX Linux however they did say you can instal Zorin or Elementary OS on it too. I was thinking about installing Garuda on it when I get one, however, I think the Dragonized (both normal and gaming editions) may be too heavy for it. So would the KDE version work best or should I choose another variant?

Just start any live ISO and test it.
Note the minimum requirements.

  • 30 GB storage space
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Video card with OpenGL 3.3 or better
  • 64-bit system

On th other hand, ask if you know.


I will say their the older versions of the X1 Carbon’s, their a lot bulkier and a bigger model and doesn’t have the flat screens the newer models have. So I’m pretty sure it’s an older X1

Why should we worry about unlaid eggs?
Get back to us when the facts are in.

  1. Dr460nized is KDE
  2. No reason to start off with a compromise if you are not sure--install whatever version you want to try the most. If it doesn't work how you would like, then try something lighter (XFCE, Mate, LXQT are very lightweight).
  3. The Dr460nized version can easily be made more performant on modest hardware by turning off some of the many enabled graphical effects in KDE settings.
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It’s a Thinkpad T480, there.

I can’t install the OS on something I don’t have, that’s why I’m asking.

T480 is an amazing laptop and it will run the full Garuda just fine. I'll take that over many new laptops today. Its a business class machine that will last years. Go to or search youtube, they have a cult following, and you can easily upgrade memoey, add 2 more ssd/disks etc. If you are getting that for free thats an amazing deal, where do you live?!


It’s a give away thing for people who don’t have laptops. You have to show ID that you live within the county though, and I live in the South, but I bet you can get a T480 for cheap on eBay though, lol

Its a great program by your library. One of the few public uses of our tax dollars thats great. Still many libraries are closing due to insufficient funding.

What I suggest to you is to get a 16/32GB usb drive, use the program Ventoy, and put a few different Linux iso's on it - you can do this in the library computer. Try them each out in Live environment and you will find out what you like best.


If that should be fixed now, with the model you could also change the headline.

Is it possible that you are an elementary school student?

Thank you, I’ll take your advice. I’ll search for one of those. Thank you for directly answering my question unlike some people on this forum.

Hi there,

Well, to be very frank, I would refuse to answer any doubts regarding machine with no specs known at all. It is generally to avoid "bad suggestion"

For example, if we assume that you have a good T480, in good condition, with i5 8th gen and 8GB RAM, and advice you to get Dr460nized edition.
But then, you get an older thinkpad, with 4GB RAM, and old processor, dr460nized might not be best fit for you.

So, this is a bad advice.
So, I would request you to share the specs of the laptop before expecting any good advice.


you are also correct, but OP doesnt have laptop yet and has no way to find its specs, and there's nothing wrong in asking if it would run, the last thing as a Linux community we should do is turn people away. If anything, even if the full drag0nized edition is too heavy, things can be turned off, and in the case of most distros, the best thing is to run it off live usb for a few days and learn how to use it.

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It doesn't get better by repeating it.

It's just pointless discussions.

If I ever have a lot of money, should I buy a BMW or better a VW?


I don’t know the specs as my library doesn’t say. They just say that their refurbished and from the one my father had, it looks like a T480. They don’t tell us the specs, from what I think, they don’t give out tech support anymore.

I came to this forum enthusiastic about the distro because this refurbished laptop is the closest thing I can get to a computer right now as a highschool student. Instead, I’ve gotten run around answers and got called a elementary schooler. Not only has this soured my feelings to this distro, but to this community as well.

I’m sorry if this was rude to you, but I’m sick of these “holier than thou” attitudes just because I don’t know the damn specs of a laptop I don’t even currently have.

It was a question, not a statement.

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Once you have the notebook in your hands, check if it meets the minimum requirements.
Create a live ISO, boot, and be happy when it runs.

Everything has been said here several times. Therefore, closed.