Best Forum Ever

I have been using Garuda Dr460nized KDE for about a week now. I am truly impressed. This Forum is incredibly simple to use/search and is responsive. What is this forum called or based on? I can't seem to find any links or names.


This forum runs via Discourse, a really awesome software indeed (and open source!) :relaxed:


Perhaps you (or others) haven't noticed, because the developers of Garuda are so active on the forum rarely do issues here go unresolved.

I can never remember seeing a forum that is this active have such a high percentage of posts with their issues resolved. That's pretty impressive, because with most distro's the Devs aren't anywhere near as active on the support end of things.

In fact the Garuda Devs are so active on the forum and telegram that I worry they will burn themselves out from devoting so much time to helping users. So, anyone who likes to participate in helping out other Linux users please feel free to join in here on the forum.

If you're not experienced, that's not important, because that's not really the most important thing. All that's important is a desire to learn and the willingness to help out other users in your community.

The best way to become good at helping other Linux users (in my opinion) is to concentrate on one single aspect of Linux that interests you. Simply focas on learning as much as you can about that one aspect as you participate on the forum.

I was not used to troubleshooting on a regular basis until several years ago when I retired and had some extra time on my hands. Networking (Wifi) on Linux had always been an area that interested me, so I started responding to network help requests on the Arch based distro I was using at the time.

I simply began keeping notes on every network issue I dealt with and all the pertinent info I found researching along the way. I did this by separating my records into different networking categories to make finding the information easier.

I separated my records into 2 main categories, Ethernet and Wifi. Then I further separated the categories into subdirectories for each manufacturer. After that I created directories for each network adapter each manufacturer produced.

Any time I came across info on a problem with a specific adapter I would save it in its own subdirectory. I would save pertinent webpages as compressed HTML complete files, and then do a small write up with important details in a text file about each adapter for quick reference.

In this manner I quickly built up a massive amount of information all categorized and organized so that I could find exactly the info I needed in seconds.

In this manner, what started from nothing, quickly built into a massive personal reference source. In roughly 3 years of troubleshooting I probably responded to thousands of help requests (yes their forum was very busy).

By focusing on only one aspect of Linux that interests you, you can quickly become very knowledable in that one field in a short manner of time. All that is required to become very knowledgable in a single field is the desire to learn, the time to research, and an organized approach to collating and storing the information you gather along the way.

So if you have the spare time and an interest in learning and helping your fellow users please feel free to join in here. You can help form a great community on the Garuda forum by helping others along the path in their Linux journey. Don't let inexperience deter you, everyone has to start somewhere.

You will not got jumped on here if your advice is not perfect. The important thing is a desire to help your fellow community members and a thirst to learn. Personally I find nothing more satisfying than solving a very complicated or unique networking issue in a novel way. Helping others, is very rewarding in and of itself though. It feels really good when you've helped someone who could never run Linux on their machine before get things setup and working perfectly. So, if you have the time, please feel free to join in helping others out here on the Garuda forum.

If you simply wish to participate on the forum for light hearted chit chat that's also fine as well. We try not to limit the forum to strictly technical support topics to make it an entertaining place to hang out for those not simply looking for a solution to their Linux problems.

So if you have the time, please join us here on the forum for your daily Linux fix. Everyone is welcome here, please do join us here for some fun, a little learning, and hopefully an entertaining way to pass your time online.

Cheers. :beers: