Hey guys, I just wanted to say how much I'm in love with Garuda! Been a while since I used it due to a few issues that were my fault but now coming back and seeing some new tools like Btrfs assistant and the use of snapper which I'm sure will be better than timeshift (hopefully) has made me really excited to be using Garuda again! I personally paired it with linuxhcachyos kernel by using their script to install the repo (cacule kernel) and did some theming that heavily relies on the Edna theme. I do enjoy the out of the box theme and customisation but it's more of a retro/gamer asthetic and I use my laptop professionally as a student and for work in cyber security. But hey that's the beauty of KDE and theming! So yeah, just wanted to say thanks to the amazing developers for all their hard work and the ease of use you make using Arch from the setup assistant following basic guidelines after installation to the ease of installing packages straight away and the amazing update alias among much more! So thank you. I'm looking forward to what you guys have in store for the future :relaxed:


I’ve noticed on a few Garuda installations that were using timeshift before, that snapper feels… well more snappier, hehe. :smile:


I agree, and @ dalto & co. have done a good job designing & implementing the Snapper configuration utility. It gives the user a lot of control over the snapshotting process. :+1:


Cacule kernels are actually in our repos, so there’s not really a point in doing that, I suppose.

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There are extra variants in there like linux-cachyos :eyes: although I don't know what the actual differences are.

The linux-cachyos variant afaik is the one that the dev personally runs and I also know that installing his repo puts it above Garuda. So after installing it and updating the system there was a lot of packages to update. I think this is because his repo unlike how it is in Garuda, takes priority and makes use of automatic CPU detection which optimises based on that and GCC v3 optimisations too. Could be wrong though but I think it's better after installing his repo as some packages seem to be recompiled with more optimised flags than Garuda does out of the box.

Kind of subjective without benchmarks.

True, my system does feel much faster though. It loads faster at boot and everything feels snappier and loads faster. Not sure how much of that is attributed to the kernel though and if any of that comes from the flags and optimisations to some of the core system files once recompiled

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